Ip Man film


Compared to other films

Last night I was fortunate enough to view the new movie Ip Man which was released in China in December of 2008.  I personally enjoyed the movie very much. Up until now my personal favorite martial arts movie had been Jet Li’s Fearless which has similarities to the new movie Ip Man. However I found that Ip Man reminded me a lot more of one of Jet Li’s films  Fist of Legend which is actually a remake of Bruce Lee’s (Yip Man’s Student) movie First of Fury (also known as the Chinese Connection).

General opinion

Without ruining any of the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet I can say that this movie will not disappoint anyone who takes the time to watch it and it will especially be enjoyable to those who study Wing Chun because you will recognize the techniques and applications. Like the other movies listed above this movie contains a healthy amount of philosophy. Because of the movies content you could say that it is the story of the Chinese struggle during Japanese occupation and just so happens to have fighting, so anyone could enjoy this story weather they enjoy martial arts or not. However, if you’re like me you will see one or two fight scenes that in my opinion have no equal in kung fu films.

So if you can get your hands on a copy of this movie I highly recommend it.

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