Ving Tsun Rules of Conduct

As a Ving Tsun practitioner it is important to adhere to our rules of conduct:

  • Remain Disciplined — Conduct Yourself Ethically As A Martial Artist.
  • Practise Courtesy And Righteousness — Serve The Community And Respect Your Elders.
  • Limit Your Desires And Pursuit Of Bodily Pleasures — Preserve The Proper Spirit.
  • Train Diligently — Maintain Your Skills.
  • Learn To Develop Spiritual Tranquillity — Abstain From Arguments And Fights.
  • Participate In Society — You Must Be Conservative And Gentle In Manners.
  • Help The Weak And The Very Young — Use Your Martial Arts Skills For The Good Of Humanity.
  • Pass On The Tradition — Preserve This Chinese Art And Its Rules of Conduct.