Martial Arts Involves A Lot More

Martial Arts Involves A Lot More Than Muscle Strengthening & Physical Combat

  • It is the principal of discipline, endurance and patience.
  • It is the theory of advance and retreat.
  • It is the response in circumventing stronger forces.
  • It is the tactic of creating opportunities.
  • It is the direct drive towards a goal when opportunities exist.
  • It is the realization of timing and the acceptance of human limitations.
  • All this constitutes a part of martial arts training.
  • These principals are applicable not only in physical combat, but also in the enhancement of personal and career development.
  • Life itself is a continuous combat, wherein external pressures force a response and obstacles sometimes prevent a person from attaining his/her goal.
  • It pays to develop the discipline to respond to pressure accordingly and the natural instinct is to develop strategies in dealing with obstacles.