Importance of Oxygen

Bubbles of oxygen form on a plant

How long can you go without food? How long without water? How long without air? That should indicate where oxygen should be on your list of priorities

When it comes to being healthy. OXYGEN IS IT!

What is the building block of the body? The cell. Energy comes from the cell. The human body is composed of 50-75 trillion cells and each cell is like a little factory. Inside each cell, there is an energy plant that is constantly working to create energy that in turn produces life. It produces the energy to make things function, i.e. protoplasm, the basis of life. Each cell’s factory has a shipping and receiving department. It receives the nutrients and oxygen that it needs and converts those into ATP (ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is a common form in which energy is stored in living systems. It consists of a nucleotide with ribose sugar and three phosphate groups). ATP is the basic energy building block of the entire body. Everything runs off of ATP. Your body generates its weight in ATP every day. ATP is being created non-stop and is used up instantly. When a person dies, regardless of what is stated as the cause of death on the death certificate, the reason for death is the inability to produce any more ATP. There is no more energy in the body. ATP is the basic foundational tool of life. What allows ATP to be generated? Carbohydrates, sugars, glucose; all those things which food is broken down into. But

The most important element to the cell, the most important thing above everything else that is going to create energy, is oxygen.

Without oxygen, no ATP can be generated. Oxygen is the number one most important element to your health. Without oxygen, cells weaken and cells die. Without oxygen, there can be no ATP. Without oxygen, there is no energy.

The quality of your life, is the quality of the life of your cells. Everything in your body is made up of cells. Your cells are where energy is generated within your system.

Anything that lessens or eliminates the amount of oxygen to your cells is potentially disease-producing. If you are not getting enough oxygen, your cells will weaken and die. Regardless of whether it is the way you eat, the way you breathe, the way you exercise, some drug you take into your body, the amount of alcohol you consume; if it lessens the amount of oxygen or cuts off oxygen to a portion of your body, the cells of that body part will die. As cells die, tissues die. As tissues die, organs die. As organs die, you die.

Therefore we must take care of our cells. We have to make sure they get what they need. The most important thing they need is oxygen.

Regular exercise in the form of cardio training, chi qong exercises, and deep breathing ensure that your lungs are being used to capacity and that your blood circulatory system is efficiently and consistently delivering oxygen to all the cells in your body.

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