Living Waters


Everything we want to do in terms of health is to cleanse and to nourish.

Make a list of everything that you ate and drank in the past 24 hours. Now, circle everything on the list that is high in water content. This would include: bottled water, herbal and fruit teas, fresh fruit and fruit juices, fresh or steam vegetables, and salads. Coffee, black tea, soft drinks, milk, and beer are not considered water-rich foods.

Approximately 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Approximately 70% of our bodies is made up of water. What should a large percentage of our diet be made up of? Water! Every cell in the body lives in a water environment. The body needs water for every function. After oxygen, water is the most important nutrient for the body.

Now, look back at your list. What is the percentage of water-rich foods/water in your diet? The ideal is a diet that is made up of 70% water; waters that are nutrient-rich, such as those from fruits and vegetables. A diet that is only made up of 15% water content is suicide. The body needs water as a nutrient, as a solvent; it needs water for every process within the system.

If you want nutrients in your body, think oxygen and then think water. You want to drink water that you can use immediately in your body. The ideal waters are the waters you get that are nutrient-rich, such as from fruits or vegetables. This way, your body is getting the nutrients it needs, while getting the water that it needs. Drinking pure water regularly is also important. A water-rich diet will promote:

  • Efficient blood flow
  • Regular elimination
  • Smooth and young-looking skin
  • All cells will receive the required oxygen and nutrients needs to perform their functions
  • Less fatigue

When the body does not intake enough water, it looks within the body for water. A water-starved body will steal water from the skin (promoting wrinkles) and other organs, in order to nourish itself. Diuretics, such as alcohol and coffee, remove precious water from the body.

To get healthy: breathe deeply and ingest living waters and live foods. Get into the habit of having a fresh salad and fresh vegetables with every meal. Every time you eat, ask yourself: Will this food cleanse me or clog me?

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